Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Breeders Hovawart believe the lack of interest in the MD

Each article, below, has a "comments" where anyone can – indeed – comment, but also differ from what was written and/or correct any inaccuracies (since I'm not God, can happen to make mistakes).

At the bottom of the article "When the apparently serious breeder is a canivendolo" have appeared many comments intended to refute the argument that "some" breeders of Dogs while performing tests on degenerative myelopathy, were not at all happy that this topic will speak publicly, spreading correct information.
The comments were based on a misunderstanding: someone thought that I was planning to say that some farmers refuse to do the test. Ever said or written.
The problem was only related to the opportunity to inform the general public.

Telling me that someone was not, of course, was not a Sciurmario, but a person who holds a position of responsibility within the official breed Club ("official" specific because there are two, one recognized by ENCI and the other is not). Normally not public gossip, but the personal knowledge, combined with the official charge, they made me trust this witness.
Now two things have happened:

a) the President of the same official Club commented saying that "there are no cases of myelopathy" in the breed. In fact, if "case found" we mean "officially full-blown case after autopsy", this corresponds to truth: it does not appear that autopsies have been done on dogs died from this disease, then cases "make" perhaps there are none: but cases "diagnosed" Yes, unfortunately there are, and more than one. Some of these dogs are still alive, so it would be nice to let them the autopsy, but have the MD, or at least you are convinced to 99% that you have.
Ergo, the intervention of the President would seem to just validate the argument that you are trying to cover up the whole thing, or at least not to make too much noise. Or it could be simple "concern anti-alarms", I don't know.
The fact is that in my opinion, when born even a vague doubt about the presence of a disease in a race, the alarm should shriek loud and clear, so that everyone can take to ensure, with appropriate testing and analysis, if there is or is not to worry. Best to do a test and discovered that there was no problem, rather than not to do so and end up with the problem throughout the race. Obviously this is a personal opinion that you may not share, but it seems to me legitimate to precede EVERYTHING ELSE the health of dogs (even the possibility certainly exists, that the general public can have a negative reaction);

b) In United Kingdom i think Hovawart breeders are very short (the breed is not yet widespread), but in practice almost all intervened to argue that their the information they found.
Since I have also shown (even if we put a hundred comments to understand ...), I believe that the accusation of "wanting to fuck under the rug" this problem was unrealistic.

Maybe it will affect someone who still has not been made to feel, I don't know ... but, I repeat, the farmers have spoken almost everyone, and everyone I have shown not to have fucked anything under a rug. So I can only acknowledge and recognize that probably I was given incorrect information.

Do not understand the reason, frankly, and I don't understand why a person who occupies a prominent position in a Club should talk in a negative way by some members of the same Club (also the only one not to intervene in the discussion was this person ... so I can't get answers): but these are certainly not my problem and I hope that farmers will clarify each other.
What matters is that the myelopathy in dogs not only is – unfortunately – established beyond a reasonable doubt (also exists in all dog breeds, although with more or less significant impacts), but above all is monitored by farmers (because just a simple test to avoid at-risk mates) and that the correct information about has been made.


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