Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Diagnosis of Canine Vector-Borne Diseases in Dogs

Today, your veterinarian can diagnose within minutes if your dog came in contact with the Leishmania parasite by the bite of the vector (phlebotomist) and provide the results already during the medical examination. If successful, you will have to check with in-depth examinations of the disease (leishmaniasis) is not in progress.

Just a simple blood test!

How is this possible?

There are some tests available in the market that allow an immediate diagnosis of vector-borne diseases

The tests, the company best known for the diagnosis of diseases in the veterinary field, can provide accurate results in just a few minutes on the health of patients during the medical examination. The  tests are used by thousands of veterinarians around the world during their annual inspections or ongoing diagnostic tests for new cases

Vector borne diseases in dogs (leishmaniasis) How does it work ?

The SNAP Leishmania uses a unique technology which serves to detect the presence of antibodies in a blood sample of the patient. This allows you to verify that you are infected and proceed, if necessary, with more in-depth examinations.

How to decide if you should take the test?

If after reading the material on this site think your dog may have come in contact with this parasite, please contact your veterinary surgeon with confidence.

Print the information sheet on the test as a reminder and take it to the next visit, he will certainly give you the right advice for your four-legged friend!


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