Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Giardia treatment diagnosing in dogs

Today, your veterinarian can diagnose in no time if your pet is suffering from giardiasis and give you the results of the analysis already during the visit.

It takes a stool sample, SNAP ® Giardia and 8 minutes of time.

How is this possible?

Are available on the market some tests that allow an immediate diagnosis of diseases that endanger the health of dogs, such as Giardia.

The IDEXX SNAP ® Giardia Test, the company best known for the diagnosis of diseases in the veterinary field, can provide accurate results on the health of patients already during the medical examination and in just 8 minutes. The IDEXX SNAP tests are used by thousands of veterinarians around the world during their annual inspections or ongoing diagnostic tests for new cases.

How does it work Giardia symptoms in dogs?

The SNAP Giardia is the only test approved by the USDA (US. Depart. Of Agricult.) And makes use of ELISA technology, which allows you to detect the possible presence of soluble antigens in the cyst wall of your dog. With this test it is possible to immediately ascertain whether the animal is suffering from giardiasis and proceed with care, without having to proceed with further analysis.

How to decide if you should take the test?

If after reading the material on this site think your dog may have contracted this disease, talk with your trusted veterinarian.


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