Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Giardiasis Symptoms And Treatment In Dogs

The giardiasis is an infection that occurs in the small intestine of our animal friends, the transmission is in a state of cysts in contaminated water (puddles, ponds, sources of non-potable water). The parasite can also be spread through the feces of infected animals.

The disease occurs in dogs with defecation of loose stools and particularly voluminous, with a state of debilitation of the subject, nausea and fever.

Giardiasis has the potential zoonotic risk.

More About Dogs Giardiasis Symptoms Treatments Causes

Cause Giardia Canis , protozoan that is installed in the intestines of dogs and dwells in polluted waters.

Clinical signs

• Diarrhea foamy
• Nausea
• Fever
• Smell of rancid
• Death Penalty

Progression of the disease if left untreated Chronically debilitating condition.

Diagnosis Simple stool tests: SNAP ® Giardia test , results in just 10 minutes. For more diagnostic possibilities, ask your veterinarian.

Specific therapy and collateral. Get directions to your veterinarian.

Prognosis Once the dog subjected to treatment occurs the disappearance of the phenomenon. Attention to states of chronic debilitation.

Other forms of prevention
Avoid drinking dogs from non-drinking water, wells and springs that may be polluted


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