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How To Treat Ehrlichiosis In Dogs

Ehrlichiosis is a disease transmitted by ticks common to our friends our four-legged friends during their blood meal.

The disease is produced by a bacteria called Ehrlichia canis, which infects red blood cells to cause an alteration in the functioning and reduced production of platelets.

The Ehrlichiosis is a disease caused by common carriers , has spread around the world in both urban centers and in the countryside. It has various stages very quickly, passes within a few days from acute to chronic form, to be lethal .

In this case the common brand acts as a " reservoir "of the disease: the parasite, in fact, carries the bacterium only after having fed from an infected dog and then pricking another animal, filling them in turn.

Because the symptoms are silent and dell'Ehrlichiosi may occur even after months. Therefore, it is important to perform a control test every year at the vet in order to verify if the animal has been infected. Just a single blood test: the test with the SNAP ® results will be ready in just eight minutes
What is it and how to treatment Ehrlichiosis In Dogs
Cause The common tick (Rhipicephalus sanguineus) carries bacteria and stings dogs, spreading the infection.

Infection  silent 

• High fever and lethargy 
• Felling
• Loss of appetite
• Nosebleeds
• Swelling and pain in the joints
• Hematoma
• Anemia

Progression of the disease if left untreated Decreased platelet and malfunction. The bacterium also affect the liver, lungs, brains, kidneys and lymph nodes to cause, if not diagnosed in time, the death of the dog.

Co-infection A debilitated animal is more subject to infection by other parasites that live in the same environment. That is why it is always important to verify that a person suffering from ehrlichiosis is also the bearer of leishmaniasis or tick-borne diseases.

Diagnosis Simple blood test: SNAP ® test 4Dx , result in only 8 minutes. For more diagnostic possibilities, ask your veterinarian

Treatment Specific antibiotic therapy and collateral. Ask your veterinarian.

Prognosis Unfortunately ehrlichiosis is a degenerative disease that can lead to chronic and, in severe cases, and if not treated promptly, upon the death of the dog. The disease can be kept under control thanks to the continuous supply of medicines.

Vaccination Not available.

Other forms of prevention
Use of topical repellents and other prescribed by your veterinarian, inspection and removal of ticks daily.


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  2. My father-in-law’s 5 year old dog progressively lost weight, vomited frequently, and became very lethargic. Vet ran a panel and he turned up positive for Erlichiosis. After a course of Doxycycline he seemed to feel better but the vomiting persisted. As a last resort, I tried giving him Seacure for pets which works great for another of my dogs prone to hemmorhagic gastroenteritis. The vomiting stopped after a week. Don’t know for sure if it was the Seacure, but if you’ve tried everything and the vomiting persists, might be worth a try.