Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Medical diagnosis questions and answers Online

Submit your dog for a visit periodically from the vet is very important to check his state of health and prevent the onset of any diseases.

The vet, in fact, in addition to a clinical examination to ascertain the general condition of the "patient" has at its disposal a range of tools and tests that enable it to perform in a short time some diagnostic tests to verify that it has contracted some dangerous diseases (eg, infection vectors), often silent.

Know immediately if the dog has been infected or is suffering from some disease allows it to act in a timely manner and, in certain situations, intervene before it is too late.

Prevention is fundamental if we have other animals in the house or if the dog lives in the yard or be left free, in these cases, in fact, the animal may come into contact with his fellow men and the risk of infection is higher.

During the visit the clinic the vet checks the status of the overall health of our four-legged friend:

  • analyzes the hair, making sure that there are no fleas or ticks
  • ensures the functioning of organs such as the eyes, ears, nose, heart, lungs
  • weigh the dog and it checks the status of nutrition
  • checks to see if the animal has been vaccinated and which vaccine should be submitted
  • performing any laboratory tests

Laboratory tests and recommended tests for the diagnosis of major diseases

Ask for your vet, will advise the examinations and treatments best suited to keep your dog healthy and happy for a long time!


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