Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Causes Of Blood in dog urine and Treatment and Stop

It is not easy to realize the possible loss of blood in the urine by the dog . When in doubt, it is important to make some evaluations. Look for example to see if the blood comes out at the beginning or at the end of the pee will already be indicative of what it is: in the first case assumes a disease of the urethra, penis, prostate or uterus or vagina, while in second case, the problem may be from the bladder or prostate. A uniform bleeding may instead be synonymous with damage to the urethra or kidneys.

If the Hematuria (Blood in the Urine)  is abundant, it is easy to notice the problem during any walk for Bisognin i, but sometimes the problem is imperceptible to the naked eye, so you need to pay attention to other related symptoms. Bleeding was often correlated with pain during urination (dysuria): the dog complains, moves, licks in the vicinity of the penis (or vulva), is able to emit lesser quantities of urine at a time, raise your leg or squatting to pee, but can not.

In general, the animal is nervous and suffering. And 'the case of then evaluate the presence of a bleeding and still find the cause of which may be due to a much 'urinary tract infection that a calculation , in addition to a tumor. Hematuria (Blood in the Urine)  , however, can also be pain free. In most cases it is a problem related to the kidneys. In females, vaginal bleeding should not be confused with haematuria. In all cases it is important to contact your veterinarian , as well as routine, especially if you have a senior dog , tests should be made ​​at least once a year, consisting of urinalysis , can you also detect particles, red blood cells not visible to the naked eye. As always take care of an animal means paying attention above all to his health , looking for the slightest change in his habits, and ensuring regular budgets.

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