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Dog heart disease symptoms treatments races and natural remedies

The best friend of the man has a heart big, we know, but you can get sick, just like ours. Like the human heart, that of Fido is characterized by the circuits of blood that is pumped in and out. in the dog's heart beats about 150,000 times a day : a big commitment that requires a body definitely fit!

The heart disease , however, can alter this rate, and related functions, namely the proper circulation of blood : this can be pumped with less intensity and then not being able to bring the proper amount of oxygen to the muscles and other organs. With serious consequences obviously. There are several forms of heart disease that in dogs: some directly affecting the heart, other valves. The most common, respectively, of both types are hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and chronic valve disease (CVD) .

Breeds at risk of heart disease
Some breeds of dogs are particularly at risk of developing heart disease due to genetic predispositions , but in this sense also affect the size (and weight) and of course age. Among the breeds most affected are:

Doberman Pinscher
Cocker Spaniel
Wolfhounds irlandesi
Boston Terrier

Symptoms of heart disease in dogs

Unfortunately, in most cases (just like us humans) heart disease is silent, that does not involve symptoms except when pathologic stage is too advanced to be able to intervene. This is also because the body of the dog is durable and able to adapt to heart disease in the initial phase: as time progresses and pathology instead the functionality of the heart begins to be complex, and it becomes easier to an eye detect early symptoms of heart failure. Which?

I do not want to play and do not want to go out
He is tired or lethargic
He has difficulty in breathing or a strange cough
Falls or faints even

Diagnosis and treatment of heart disease in the dog

The diagnosis of the disease of the valve is easier for the veterinarian because from origin to a particular noise. This is not, however, always present in case of cardiomyopathy. In any suspected case of disease of the heart will still be able to do the following tests:

A snapshot of torace
General blood tests including those for cardiac biomarker called NT proBNP
Measurement of blood pressure
An echocardiogram
In the case of confirmation of heart disease treatment will depend on the specific case and may include:

Changes in diet (less sodium and addition of supplements such as carnitine)
Drugs that help the function of the cardiac muscle more effectively, giving additional strength to the pump
Exercise regularly but clinically monitored


Unlike us humans, in which the improper lifestyle has a major impact on the possibility of developing cardiovascular disease, Fido, unfortunately this does not happen if not in small part and then everything becomes more complex for prevention. This does not mean that a sedentary lifestyle or a diet high in fat or salt may be indicated: far from it! Keeping your dog fit means to preserve it from other diseases (such as diabetes ) and therefore allow to better address the problems of the heart. One more reason for bringing Fido to the vet for regular check ups, do you not?

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