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"Stop Dog Vomiting And Diarrhea " is a site for dog-loving culture .
And we rewrite below what we had written in 2002, when our magazine saw the light for the first time , but unfortunately we believe that all this is still very real , because the dog-loving culture in Italy has made ​​great strides .

That means doing dog-loving culture ?

It means helping the public to understand really the dog , his language , his needs , his wonderful mind .
It means talking about what they mean breeding, selection and evolution of the races, but especially to explain how you can tell who love to breed from those who "produces" only for personal interest.

It also means recognizing that not all dogs are good - nice - nice - and - good - with- children ; which are not always perfectly healthy ; that there are races, and especially individuals with special needs, special character ... and sometimes with a few problems , not always just hide behind the illusion of the " perfect dog ."
Means to speak of diseases , behavioral problems ... and even selection wrong , when it is evident that the evolution of a certain race is instead an involution .

In a nutshell, do dog-loving culture means providing - at different levels of knowledge - a honest and fair , just saying it like it is ... even when the ' ' homo cinofilus "There is just a great figure .
But the fact is that the dog world means love for the dog, and not " exploitation of the dog" for economic or utilitarian purposes .

And "love", contrary to what the sentence says most famous and most stupid in the world , it also means to say " I'm sorry , I missed something, I will try to remedy ."
The kinos word that is in the dog world , it is also the " dog - dog " . E ' " dog - and - enough."
It is not written anywhere that it is also a megacampione or that it has an illustrious pedigree .

It is not written that it is not even a dog breed.

So , when we say "dog", we intend to mention all the dogs.

Even those that are " afraid " (but only to those who , dogs, does not understand anything).
Even those " fantasy."

Even those who are languishing in shelters waiting for someone who knows how to give the word " dog world " its true meaning .

Even those who should be protected from those who , in turn , uses the phenomenon of stray dogs for his own personal gain .
Stop Dog Vomiting And Diarrhea is a voice raised against canine who is not , at all levels .

Why , breed or not to breed , or simply superchampion companion, the dog always deserves to be loved , respected and defended from injustice .
Stop Dog Vomiting And Diarrhea trying to do all this , speaking of dogs ( all dogs ) not to make money, or to win , or to emerge ... but just to inform.
Since it was created by members of the Gates family ( purtroppo! ) , this magazine has to " live " by selling its advertising space , but in this field has a great advantage over the magazines on paper ... and that is the lack of the card , then press and all expenses (huge ) needed to "get out on newsstands ."
We no longer go on sale : we tried , but we made it to hold the economically and we did not want to give in to those who unfortunately were the needs of the market.

Of course, we carry out a job (challenging) in the most professional way possible, and it seems only right that this work is paid fairly , but we are not here to make us rich .

So we can afford to offer a service that is REALLY a service ... only agreeing to promote breeders, trainers , boarding houses or pet shop that offer certain guarantees of seriousness .

"Stop Dog Vomiting And Diarrhea " selects its advertisers, and therefore does not accept awnings at any level.

So that's more or less everything.

"Stop Dog Vomiting And Diarrhea " wants to be a dog lover site honest, disconnected from any power play cinopolitico and any dependence on anyone.
The reviews you read will never be influenced or sponsored by ... nobody .

It 'obvious that it will be opinions , such as rebuttable , that in some cases - why not - could also be wrong , but if nothing else, will always be in the name of good faith , honesty ... and a clear conscience.
We believe that the dog today, especially in need of this


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